Jangada was founded by Matilde Travassos. As a fashion photographer for over twelve years, Matilde started realising that what she loved the most was telling stories through her images. Pregnant with her son Joaquim, Matilde started reflecting on her own childhood memories and this led to her drawing the clothes she imagined him to wear.
After he was born, she started collecting her friend's childhood stories and designed a collection deeply inspired by boys's childhood nostalgia.   

Our Mission
Reinventing classic styles, Jangada is guaranteed to please generations of wearers for many years to come. We design quality basics that are perfect to play in but also made to last and be passed on to brothers, sisters, cousins or friends. Each element is thoughtfully designed and handcrafted in Portugal. We believe in less waste and more quality. We are slow fashion warriors.

Our collections are not seasonal but rather made small-scale, with 100% natural materials, all manufactured in Barcelos and Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, in an environmentally friendly factory. Our shipping bags are made of  100% recyclable and biodegradable, FSC certified cardboard.  We use 100% natural materials.